About Laser-met Sp. z o.o.

motyw The company started its production on June 17, 2002 under the name Metalworking Enterprise Ltd. (Przedsiębiorstwo Obróbki Metali Sp. z o.o.) in Proboszczewice near Płock. In 2004, having bought out laser contour band saws, the company moved its production to Płock to 1 Kostrogaj Street. Currently, the company has at its disposal a new energy- -saving, production room covering 1,400 m2, put to use in 2004.

On February 12, 2004, the company changed its name and address to:
Laser-Met Sp. z o.o.
09-400 Płock ul. Kostrogaj 1

In May 2006, the company implemented the quality management system and obtained ISO 9001:2000 certificate.

We provide services in the field of laser cutting out of any shapes of metal plate and other combustible materials by means of German contour band saws by Trumpf. Laser cutting guarantees repeatability of part execution with high accuracy. Laser contour band saws guarantee quick making of very complicated parts of metal plate at much lower costs than with the use of traditional methods. Laser cutting is a modern, the quickest and the most precise method of all presently used metal plate cutting methods. Parts made with the use of this technology rarely need additional processing.

Advantages of laser cutting:
- smooth and clean surface (does not require finishing processing)
- material saving through occurrence of a narrow cutting gap
- high speed and flexibility of the process.

Parts that require more precise finishing processing with tolerance in microns are made with the use of a numerically controlled drill-miller by Chiron.

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09-400 Płock ul. Kostrogaj 1