Laser, plasma and flame cutting, metalworking

We provide our services in range of: - laser cutting of any shapes in metal sheets, tubing and plates.Metals processed: mild steel, high carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel.aluminium special metals using Trumpf's laser cutting machines. Our company own three modern machines with following parameters:

Laser cutting

accuracy of cut: to +/- 0,05 mm/m
sheet size: max 2000x4000 mm
thickness of cut:
steel: up to 15 mm
stainless steel:up to 12 mm
aluminium: up to 8 mm
bronze, copper:up to 8 mm
titanium: up to 4 mm

Laser operations:cutting,etching,holes,slotting,text,logos,special shapes

We own "Rotolas" - complex shapes tube processing machine -hole range from ø 10 - ø 324.

We have at our disposal production facility 1400 m2 space with gantry cranes and other machines for metalworking:

Plasma cutting

plasma cutting

plasma cutting machine UXD-P-2000 (computer controlled)
working size of the table 1770x7800mm
thickness of plasma cut 0,5 ÷ 10mm; natural gas)

Flame cutting

flame cutting

flame cutting machine CXC-P 3500
(computer controlled, with four cutting torches and table with working size 2300x6000mm; thickness of flame cut 5 - 100mm),

flame cutting machine Vanad Arena Proxima
(computer controlled, working size of the table 3000x12000 mm; thickness of flaem cut 3 - 300 mm)

Bending and metalworking


Press brake (production LVD) pressing force 1700, working length 3050, distance between uprights 2600.
Elements that require detailed treatment (finishing) we procede using computer controlled drilling cutter by Chiron FZ22L.

drilling center FZ22L "Chiron" (computer controlled; working size of the table 490x3550, thickness of drilling 5 - 100mm)

SUPPORTIVE PRODUCTION PLANT provides non-standard steel constructions and parts according to given specs or design.

OTHER SERVICES: folding, bending, drilling, tapping, forming, sub assembly Painting , powder coating & other services on request.

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